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West Access Marina
14222 Lake Road
Carlyle, Illinois 62231
The Bosun's Locker (store) is open from


Sunday thru Saturday   8:00 am to 4:00 pm  
Then and  Now

Arial Presentation of West Access Marina (Click here)

Home of the Carlyle Yacht Club, a United States Sailing Association Member, Established in 1974

Weather in Carlyle

Wind Conditions around Carlyle Lake:
From Salem

From Centralia

Lake Level (see bottom of page)
Normal Summer Pool May 1st thru December  1st   445
Normal Winter Pool December 1st thru May 1st 443

 West Access Marina, a year round facility for slip rental or shore storage for large and small boats located at the southwest end of Carlyle Lake. The marina is designed for your family's enjoyment with safe, clean facilities complying with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regulations while satisfying boaters' needs. It is ideally situated for a variety of water sports from sailing to fishing to just lounging at your campsite or on the beach.  The marina is located between the Corps of Engineers Dam West Campground and the new Visitors' Center and across the road from the new 18-hole PGA golf course. 
      Since it is located on the north edge of the City of Carlyle, you can walk or ride a bike to the business district, historic sites, swimming pool, tennis courts, and nature trails.

Comments are important to us.   Use our e-mail:.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Carlyle Lake Website

To request information about West Access Marina,
please use our Request Form 
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